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“When translating a website from English into Spanish, it is important that you do not translate the content literally but develop a user experience that addresses the needs of all online Hispanics, regardless of their language preference.”


Localization is the process of adapting a website for a specific international market, which involves translating the content, customizing features and testing results to ensure that the website works in the target language. That means making sure the content used is culturally relevant. The purpose is to provide the most useful and relevant experience for users.

Many people compare “localization” with “translation,” but real website localization goes further than showing words in a new language.

It should be noted that there is a big difference between translating a website and localizing one. The first one, involves converting content into a different language through the simple replacement of words, while the latter goes way beyond translating word by word. The content needs to be adapted so the target public can understand it easily. They need to feel as they were reading in their own language.

Therefore, localization is not only about translating your website text but also involves adapting it to the culture like updating accord measurement units, general terminology and currency.

Website localization benefits

Having a suitable localization can benefit both the consumer and the person or company offering its services. Please find below some of the benefits of localization:

  • Adds rich content to the World Wide Web while improving your overall sites search engine rankings.
  • Improves SEO and creates localized SEO campaigns. 
  • Makes your site more accessible. It would be much easier to read and understand the website content for those who have a limited knowledge of your site’s primary language.
  • Spreads the information of your business in foreign countries respecting language and cultural differences and, as a consequence, targeting a larger audience

As indicated, localization is mutually enriching all parties involved. But remember, it is a complex task that should be planed carefully.



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